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Beautiful Gas Appliances

Ergonomic Design

The design and development of gas appliances over the past thirty years have ensured that the use of gas in homes have become more acceptable and safer to use than ever before. With a great variety of gas appliances to choose from you have more option than ever before to bring comfort into your home or business. Let the LP Gas Installer help you in making this a reality with a safe and professional gas installation.

Professional Gas Installer Service

LP Gas Installations

Fulfilling our clients needs are of the utmost importance. The floor plan of your installation is critical in ensuring that you will be able to visualise the installation. Working with your architect from the start could ensure major cost savings with the installation of your LP Gas installation but also long afterwards when maintenance or changes are required.

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Gas Geysers

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LP Gas Installation

Residential & Commercial

LP Gas Installers' installers operates under the guidelines and regulations as set out by LPGSA (Liquefied Petroleum Gas South Africa) and the South African Department of Labour in SANS Code. We provide LP Gas installation and maintenance services to the residential and commercial market and we can help you in making informed decisions to suite your budget and planning for your project.

LP Gas is Clean Energy

Reduced Emissions

Liquid Preludium Gas, commonly known as LP Gas, is a non-toxic clean conventional fuel that comes from natural gas production. It has a much smaller carbon footprint than coal  - around 50% lower.


These are the main factors that makes LP Gas such a clean source:

There is no doubt that the use of LP Gas is not only benefiting the environment, bur also you and your family and the future of our planet.

LP Gas
The advantages

Gas Efficiency

Hotter is better

Fuel sources has a calorific value. The Oxford Dictionary defines it: "the energy contained in a fuel or food, determined by measuring the heat produced by the complete combustion of a specified quantity of it."

LP Gas outperforms petrol, diesel, coal, fuel oils and even natural gas. LP Gas burns hotter than all of these fuels mentioned and dis in effect means that a fuel source that burns hotter pound for pound is more efficient.

LP Gas has an indefinite shelf life and can be safely stored for years. It makes sense to install two cylinders. It has great temperature control by increasing or decreasing the flow of LP Gas to the burner and it is very compatible with other green energy resources

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Home Gas Appliances

Make life easy

The following gas appliances are available for home and residential gas installations to help make your life more comfortable.

  • Gas stove and oven

  • Gas hob

  • Indoor and outdoor gas fireplace

  • Patio gas heater and fire pit

  • Gas geyser or water heater

  • Built in gas braai or BBQ

  • Gas freezer and refrigerator