• Gas Maintenance

    Gives your gas appliance years of service
  • Gas Appliances Service

    Regular cleaning is essential for gas safety

Gas Installation

Compliance for COC

Residential and commercial gas installations in South Africa falls under the regulatory body Liquefied Petroleum Gas South Africa (LPGSA) which is a member of SAQCC that reports to the South African Department of Labour. LP Gas installations may only be performed by a registered installer.

Gas Maintenance

For years of service

Our dedicated  team will make sure that your gas installation and appliance remain in the best possible condition. Your appliance manual will guide you in everyday cleaning and maintenance. Do not hesitate to call us for any assistance. If you smell LP Gas before or after the use of your appliance or around your LP gas supply - immediately shut down your emergency valve/s and call us.

Take Care of Gas Appliances

Look after your LP gas appliance

  1. Please reed the appliance manual carefully.
  2. Clean your appliance as per the manufacturers specifications.
  3. Please call you installer should you suspect any leaks.
  4. Book an inspection with your installer every year or second year.
  5. Buy your LP Gas from a reputable registered gas distributor.
  6. When you replace appliances that have broken down - call your installer for assistance.
  7. Friends with technical expertise that isn't a registered installer must not work on your installation or appliance. You will lose your warranties and your COC will be cancelled.
  8. Well maintained appliances will last for many years.

Safety During Gas Use

Take care - Highly combustible

LP Gas is extremely combustible and great care must be taken when using it.  Ensure you familiarise your family and personnel with the fire hazards of cooking on open flames and how to extinguish specific fires that can start over by cooking in this manner. Never use water to extinguish type B fires. Type B fires - a fire that involve flammable or combustible liquids such as oil, petrol, diesel and grease. Having a portable extinguisher with all purpose powder is advisable. Ensure you keep your portable extinguisher serviced.

Use Gas with Trust

Use without the worry

All LP gas appliances sold in South Africa are made and tested with your safety in mind and the appliance will carry the LPGSA Approved Logo. They are installed according the manufacturers and regulatory guidelines and should not be tampered with or be moved by any person except qualified and registered installers.